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These are some of the posts I’m most proud of (in order from oldest to most recent):

My Almost-First Kiss

Letter to My Heart

Breaking Up is Hard to Do

Letting it All Out

The Great Pee-Race of 2004

Haiku’d You Please Analyze This?

From the Luckiest Girl Alive

Rewind: Happenstance

Things I Love Today

Addressing The Rut


On Getting Real and Being Specific

The un-weirdness of blog friendships

Probably the best (the one about how my domain name was born!)

On getting old and grasping for security

On Stuff and Space. Or: Let’s not be hoarders.


Reflections on our first Valentine’s Day as Mr. and Mrs.

The Quest Continues

Apparently I’m an emotional runner, and I kind of like it.

Sometimes, I confess, this is who I am.

How To Get Yourself Into — And Out Of — Credit Card Debt


On Taking “Stripper 101″ In Vegas: Why I Did It & How It Went

You can be grumpy, or you can be grateful.



Here are some places I’ve been featured in other parts of the blogosphere:

At DCPrincess‘s place, writing about Going “Home”

At LovelyAnomaly’s place, writing about Amazing Things

At B‘s place, writing about The Best Thing About Being a Blogger

At Mandy‘s place, writing about Lasting Impressions

And an ongoing spot at LiLu‘s revolutionary In It To Gym It!


Lastly, if you’re tired of reading MY stuff, check out the guest posts that were featured the week I was away on my honeymoon:

Honeymoon Guest Posts!